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Sat, Nov. 24th, 2012, 10:02 am
Argh, plot bunny: free to a good home

In 1923, Felix Dzerzhinsky of the Soviet Union's new State Political Directorate (GPU, which evolves into the NKVD and eventually into the KGB) decides to accellerate the collapse of capitalism and thereby hasten the triumph of socialism by launching a long-term agitprop campaign.

A young and impressionable history student in Petrograd, expelled from university when it was purged of bourgeois influences, is offered a chance to resume her studies under secret GPU auspices; upon graduation in 1924 she is granted admission to the State Technium of Screen Arts to study filmic techniques, and then sent into the United States in 1925 in order to subvert the burgeoning American film industry.

Her mission is not to inculcate Soviet propaganda in the US to spur a worker's revolution; that task belongs to others. No, her role is instead to exalt the very elements of capitalism that (according to Leninist theory) doom it to undermine itself; the selfishness, the alienation of worker from capital, et tedious cetera. By encouraging the plutocrats to glory in their excesses, it is assumed, she will awaken the revolutionary spirit in the workers and peasants of the world while insulatng the bourgeois classes in a comforting blanket of dogma that prevents them from adopting reforms that would mitigate the impact of capitalism and impede the progress of World Socialism.

The name she adopted for her mission was Ayn Rand.

-- Steve needed to either write that idea out or bust out the trepanning chisel.

Sat, Nov. 24th, 2012 04:44 pm (UTC)

I like it. Forty years ago, I imagined that a junior agent in the Soviet intelligence apparatus had come up with the diabolical scheme of infiltrating the American military with plans for a self-destructive Asian land war. I decided that the Soviet bureaucracy would never have attempting something so unusual and untried. Your suggestion offers the same difficulty.

Sat, Nov. 24th, 2012 05:37 pm (UTC)

The saving grace on this one is that ol' Felix was a loose cannon, and this op doesn't require any kind of mission support that apparatchiks can shut down once it'd been launched. (And remember that Felix got his butt purged by Uncle Joe soon upon the latter's rise to power.)

-- Steve doesn't insist on it, though; it was a flight of fancy spurred by the thought that the GOP has become the moustache-twirling Cartoon Capitalists that Soviet true believers always bashed.