Steve (anton_p_nym) wrote,

Flying car, anyone? #KerbalSpaceP

Returned to Kerbal Space Program for a bit and managed to maroon Jebediah on the pressure-cooker surface of Eve. I've got a craft I think I can send to rescue him, but I'm not sure it can land where he did... so I'm going to send Jeb a buggy so he can hotrod from his landing site to the rescue site, slung under a rocket-glider so I have more control over the flight path and approach. (It'll piggy-back on the fuel tender I'm sending to supply return fuel the crew of the rescue lander.)

-- Steve is once again reminded of how much he loves this game, which is apparently on the cusp of entering "feature complete" stage and the final beta testing series.
Tags: games, kerbal space program, photojournal

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